Going Emerald: The concept of growing your team may still feel scary or maybe being something you’re “not ready to do”… but if you have ANY intent on being successful and creating a fruitful business through coaching, why delay the inevitable? 

Emerald is the very first milestone alongside Success Club that is of major importance in your business.

Simply put, Emerald involves adding 2 coaches to your team.

It serves you from a business standpoint in that becoming Emerald activates your business center; meaning, you will start to generate residual income through team cycle bonus & Beachbody will send you additional customer leads.

It also serves you from a personal standpoint, because it is a milestone that commits you to your business. You no longer have one toe in the water, you have people on your team… and whether they’re placeholders (no intent on working the business) or business builders, you’ve made a clear statement to those around you & to your upline that you’re not here as a hobby. You’re for real.

So, today… we draw that line in the sand and decide – are you still waiting to see if this is real? Or are YOU for real? Making the decision that we would be in the latter category was a life changer for us.

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