Why is Beachbody THE BEST business EVER?… I can think of a dozen reasons:

We represent something REAL, our philosophies are SOUND, our success is EXCLUSIVELY dependent on our ability to help OTHER people succeed.

And finally, our purpose as coaches expands beyond inspiring people to get started… our job truly kicks in when the individual has purchased their plan and is ready to commit to their program.
You see… we always stress that this isn’t a sales gig, because it isn’t.
You are NOT a successful coach if you focus your attention on selling programs and working for the commissions.
You are a successful coach when you help somebody FALL IN LOVE with our community & our solutions.
You are a successful coach when you introduce somebody to a lifestyle change that they can’t help but want to pay forward.

The BEST way to accomplish that is to run an absolutely awesome bootcamp (or challenge group). Simple as that!
Over the past few trainings, we’ve discussed the concept of a bootcamp… how to invite to it, how to talk about it on social media… now it’s time to have the rubber meet the road and open your group.
What I want to stress is that bootcamps are NOT daunting. If YOU (and any other coaches) are attentive and present in your group, you will have a successful bootcamp. Follow the steps outlined in this video and you’ll have no issues opening and starting a ROCKING your own bootcamp!

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