Today’s lesson is on INVITING!

Yes, that is an uncomfortable part of the business for many of us … including me at first… but let me give you the best advice I can think of before starting this lesson; GET OVER IT.

Nothing special EVER happens in your comfort zone & the benefit you stand to provide others is absolutely mind blowing, if you can get out of your head and find the courage to bring this forward to those that need it.
When I got started as a coach, the first 3 months of my business, I didn’t really invite anybody to join me in this fitness journey.

The reason is I was afraid to alienate people by coming off salesy.
But what I realized is that I was missing out on helping SO many people because of MY OWN FEAR.
Inviting a vital part of building a business, yes… but more importantly, it is a vital part of adding real value to the lives of the people around us.
In coaching & the resources we represent, we have a GIFT that can dramatically improve peoples lives.

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