When you think about the third vital behaviour; “invite, invite, invite” … does something feel a little off from that?

I personally think it sounds aggressive, almost reckless.

That’s not to discount its intent… 100% as a coach, if you’re not inviting, you’re missing the boat… but let’s break it down in to 3 sub-categories.

Add value, connect, INVITE.
Your day 2 training tasks exemplifies this process in action… you inspire people through a social media post (add value), you connect with them (thank you messages) and lastly, you invite them (if the conversations leads to that).

The key now is to do this CONSISTENTLY…. So today’s task revolves around treating social media as your platform for adding value to peoples lives CONSISTENTLY and giving you an opportunity to connect with an UNLIMITED amount of people!

I’ll talk about how to stay entertaining and how to continuously generate fun and interesting content so that people want to connect with YOU. 

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