Maybe you’ve heard the saying; “no friendship is official until it’s Facebook official!” That couldn’t be truer! And since we’re in the business of making friends, I guess Facebook should be a HUGE asset for us huh? Yesterday, we covered prospecting on Instagram. Today, we’re covering prospecting on Facebook. The philosophies will remain very similar, but the strategies a little different. If you have ANY desire to work from anywhere at anytime and make a fruitful income / fulfilling living, there is no better way to accomplish that lifestyle than by leveraging social media. Facebook just so happens to be the biggest platform. So let’s put it to work, shall we?

Rate your OWN Facebook on a scale of 1 / 10 as though you were a stranger. Based on the following:
- How much you share about your life as a coach
- How much you share about your BB workouts
- How consistent you are
- The quality of your posts
- How many are YOUR own post that either inspire , educate, entertain

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