Listen, we all know that our warm market is a great asset in terms of building that initial momentum. Helping the people you love the most improve their lives through coaching will solidify your belief and give you the enthusiasm you need to take your business to the next level.
DO NOT skip this step!!  
Your cold market is where sustainability is built. You can’t live off your warm market… eventually, you have to shift your attention from connecting with people from your immediate circle to integrating yourself in to other communities in order to continue building your brand & connecting with enough prospects to continue building your business.

The good news is… there are so many MAJOR social media platforms that allow you to do that. The first one we’ll discuss is my bread & butter – Instagram. We love Instagram because you can connect with ANYBODY on any topic; and as long as you’re generating good content, the connection is a potential client. In this module, we’ll cover the main tactics for growing your audience and connecting with prospective clients.

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