It can sometimes be hard to convey our passion or quite frankly the value of coaching through e-mails, Facebook messages or IG DMs.

That’s where as coaches, we have to get creative and identify with ways where people can SEE or at least LISTEN to what we see in coaching and what it’s providing our life.

One of the MOST effective ways to execute that is to conduct or have your prospects participate in your upline’s sneak peek.
Simply put, a sneak peek is a Facebook event or a video that shows you conveying what coaching is all about and what it’s meaning to you in your life.
The purpose of a sneak peek is to inspire people to think beyond the 9-5 and help them see that this is a legitimate avenue better than any we’ve come across for creating a meaningful & fulfilling living working from home on your own terms.
It is when I mastered this tactic that my business took off and that is what I am here to teach you today!

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