If only all Funnels were Funnel Cake.

Whenever I hear people talking about Funnels, I immediately think Funnel Cake.
Sadly funnels are not quite as delicious as the deep fried sugary goodness that is funnel cake.

If anyone has a recipe for some funnel cake, please feel free to share.

Anyway, the funnels I’m working on at the moment are email funnels.

If you are involved in internet promotion, marketing, or selling at all you will hear people talking about this all the time and to be fair I get quite fed up hearing about it. But it’s a necessary evil.

BUT, I will share with you the site I use to manage my email funnels, as I’ve tried many systems over the years, constant contact, leadpages, but Get Response is the one I always go back to.

Part of the reason is because they have quite an extensive internal training path to walk you through setting up your mailing list, and campaigns etc. But also because I managed to get started using it when I had no idea what a list, campaign or funnel was.

They have introduced a lot of great features over the years including landing pages, autoresponders (for your funnel, right?) and are always creating new fancy designs to inspire your newsletters.

I’ve chosen to use them as my funnel manager because the autoresponders they allow you to set up work in many different ways.

1: Respond as soon as someone signs up for your mailing list
2: Send as “time based” so X number of days since sign up
3: Action based, this is where funnels get funky!

You can set up a path for your funnel or autoresponder series so that based on a users behaviour, will determine what emails they get.
It’s like those weird YES/NO Flowcharts that get shared around, but the computer decides where the recipient falls:

Did they open the email? Yes…..lead them down this path, getting to know them better
No……lead them down this path that encourages them to open the email.

It can get quite messy and spider-webby depending on how many emails you want to send, and how many different paths you want to build, but it’s the best way to keep in continuous contact with your list, and find out their behaviours too.

Maybe your subject lines suck, maybe it’s the time of day you’re sending the emails.
All of this can be calculated based on the response from your funnel.

If you are in sales at all, and want to know what your customers or clients respond to, this is a great tell.

I’m off to build my latest flow chart to add to the newest funnel I’m building.
If you don’t hear back from me soon, please send help as I may just be stuck in the spider-web.