Hamilton? Who cares?

The title of this post now makes me laugh, I came up with it a few days ago, but the timing of the latest Hamilton drama just proves my mind was on the right track.

My husband will tell you that over the last few weeks i’ve become insufferable in my obsession with Broadways latest hit, but part of the reason for that is the escapism, and also the strange flicker of hope that it ignites in me whenever I’m listening to the soundtrack (or the newest “Hamilton Mix-Tapes“).

I’m sitting on a weird see-saw of politics right now, the supporter of Scottish Independence and after many hours of painstaking research, EU membership. Now, living in a country being held hostage by an unelected leader determined to strip her citizens of Human Rights and tear apart the families that an inclusive country like Scotland prides itself on.

I brought my husband back to, and my daughter into, a political climate that doesn’t want them in my homeland. We don’t fall into the class level that the UK government demands of a family of immigrants despite the fact that this is my home.

So what would our options be if, when the hammer came down, we were forced to leave?
We would have to roll to the other side of the see-saw.

That would be returning to my husbands home in the US.
A country that would now also rather I not return. The original land of immigrants has now elected an anti-immigration President.
Anti-immigrant, anti-gay, anti-female rights, anti-everything pretty much…

So my husband and daughter (who is a dual citizen) would be welcomed with open arms, and it would be my turn to jump through hoops, and pray that lady luck shines on me the day my Visa application is reviewed.

When the results of the presidential election started rolling in, I cried.
For the third time in 28 months, an election result has seen the removal of common decency, human and civil rights, and the progression of equality for all.

Probably fed up of waking to his wife in tears, Wes asked me why I was so upset this time.

My tearful answer was “We have a daughter, but regardless of who she grows up to be, she’ll be raised in a world where the president has just let women know that their bodies are up for grabs, literally.”
A generation of men will be raised in a world where the leader of one of the most powerful countries in the world can brag about violating a woman’s body and make no apologies for it. He is telling them “Go ahead, grab it, it’s ok.”

NO! That is not OK with me, and I fear for my daughters future.

I sit here at home in Scotland, lucky to be in a country who celebrates diversity and pushes for equality. LGBT groups are celebrated and supported, and where our government is pushing to ensure that access to food is established as a basic human right.

But we are still shackled to an unelected Tory government, who, given half the chance, would strip the devolved nations of their powers.

In watching the fallout of the US election, the swift U-turns from the statements made by Donald Trump during his campaign were a deafening echo of the now famous “Vow” made to Scotland by Westminster when they were campaigning for Scotland to vote to remain in the UK.

How did that play out?

“Better Together” they said. A vote to remain in the UK, is a vote to remain in the EU.
Hah…that lasted. Here we are 2 years later, the Brexit Cliffhanger worse than a storyline in Lost!

Theresa May, Brexit opposer, now in charge of pulling the trigger, only I think she’s still trying to read the manual.

We are stuck in a limbo of will she/wont she?

The world is a scary and volatile place at the moment, friends and family relationships torn apart over views of who is right and who is wrong.

No one is having a conversation, there is no respectful discussion, people demanding they be respected while showing nothing but disregard for others.

All I see from those who have similar beliefs as mine is hurt, heartache and fear.
We read the accounts of racial and sexual abuse that have skyrocketed on the back of each of the three election results.
Civil unrest in both the UK and US is at a peak.

So where does Hamilton come into play?

The passion for Revolution is something that seems to have been lost on our generation.
We show outrage for a time, but it tends to be disorganised and short lived. After a few weeks of protest and speaking out we quietly resign ourselves to whatever the future holds and just get on with our lives hoping for the best.
But that’s what’s wrong with society today.

We want change but very few are willing to step up and commit to pushing for it.
Hamilton lights that fire in me, and I see so many people who seem to feel the same.

It also makes me laugh at the absurdity of the current political climate, and as I listen to some of the tracks I can’t help but compare them to what’s going on right now.

I love some of King Georges lyrics, and I can’t help but switch out the lyrics for my own.

He sang about John Adams:

I know him
That can’t be
That’s that little guy who spoke to me all those years ago
What was it ’85?
That poor man they’re going to eat him alive

Ocean’s rise, empires fall
Next to Washington they all look small

All alone watch them run
They will tear each other in to pieces Jesus Christ this will be fun

I like to compare that to how we try to laugh and joke over the idea of Donald Trump as President:

I know him
That can’t be
That’s that orange guy whose hands are wee, with his snarky jibe
What was it ‘you’re fired’?
That poor man they’re going to eat him alive

Ocean’s rise, empires fall
Next to Obama they all look small

All alone watch them run
They will tear each other in to pieces Jesus Christ this will be fun

But it’s not funny, could America survive the madness of President Trump?

In the last 11 days he has breached national security by making calls to foreign diplomats on unsecured lines, had it confirmed that Russia was heavily involved in his campaign with evidence of vote tampering. Nominated several white supremacist candidates to his cabinet as well as having a VP who openly condemns Gays. He refuses to allow an investigation into conflicts of interest where continuing to try to run his businesses are concerned, and want’s most of his children confirmed into government roles.

The President, and for that matter any leader of a country, should be in that position with the intention of serving ALL of their constituents/people regardless of Gender, Race, Religious belief, Sexual Orientation. Someone who believes in Equality.
Equality doesn’t have to mean socialism. Yet from most of the responses I’ve read, received, and researched that seems to be the common belief.

Jefferson was proud of the fact that he wrote about “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”
When I look at the political climate, I see these simple rights being denied to so many people.

It hurts, and I cry.
I don’t think there has been a day gone by since the US election when I haven’t cried about where the world is heading, so I escape to my sanctuary in Hamilton.

I haven’t been sharing my views and opinions much, because I don’t have the energy to argue with people who quote fake news/clickbait articles and don’t take anything but Fox News as gospel.
These are my feelings and I own them, and I won’t allow anyone to deny me my right to work through them.

No matter which act of hatred, racism, or racism you read about, both sides are quick to point the finger and say that the other is to blame, and were the ones who instigated it. That’s not for me to argue, you will have your opinions on it, and I have mine.

My world view is based on what I want to see from the world. How I’d like the world to be for my child as she grows. How I’d want her to be treated by her “fellow man” and how I feel others should be treated by society.

When I look at the world today, the reality is so far removed I’m not sure it can be salvaged.

When asked how I’m doing, I just want to sing:

If you see me in the street, walking by myself,
talking by myself, have pity
I am going through the unimaginable

The Scottish Independence Referendum was the closest I’ve come to watching a revolution, and it broke my heart when it wasn’t to be.
The Brexit debacle has given new hope for a second Independence Referendum, and my vote hasn’t changed. Should we get the chance, I will be voting for Independence once again, because it’s what is right for me, my family and what I feel is right for the progression of our country.

I’m not just prattling on blah blah, armchair politics. I’ve become an active member in the political party of my choice, and I am planning on being more actively involved in the new year. So many of us just talk about ideals but never do anything to force the change we really want.

So should that time come, if you hear singing in the streets, it’s probably me. Because who cares? I do!

Raise a glass to freedom
Something they can never take away
No matter what they tell you

Raise a glass to all of us
Tomorrow there’ll be more of us
Telling the story of tonight

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