Dealing with sharing our obsessions online

Sometimes when we fall in love with something, our friends find it difficult to deal with our obsessions.

It’s easy to be swept away in the excitement that comes from discovering something you feel is life changing, it’s like that new relationship energy you experience when dating someone knew.

The problem is that our friends don’t always want to hear about it.
If you are anything like me, you will want to share this new found love with all your friends and family, the people who follow you on social media and anyone who will stop and listen to you for more than 30 seconds.

Learn from my mistakes.

About two years ago I fell in love with Hamilton, yes the musical.
Everything I shared was Hamilton related, my wardrobe slowly morphed into every item I could find on TeeRico, I followed every social media account that would feed my Hamilton obsession.

I was in heaven.

Lin Manuel Miranda became my hero, and I had to consume everything I did.
I often wonder if my husband had considered divorcing me because of my imaginary love affair with all things Hamilton.
If my husband hadn’t considered it, my friends really had.
One friend in particular just really did not enjoy exposure to my new found love.
I figured there is so much noise on social media anyway a few tweets from me every other day or so aren’t a big deal, and he’d let me know that any accounts relating to Hamilton that I shared/retweeted he would block.

Then it got a bit aggressive.

He was lashing out at me for talking about it.
I was getting angry because I honestly felt my obsession had dulled a little and he was just being mean for the sake of being mean.
We were at loggerheads.

I wasn’t ready to lose a friend though.

I took some time to think about the issue from all points of view.
He felt like I was pushing Hamilton down his throat, I felt he was being unnecessarily negative and it was something he should just ignore.
So something had to change.

I’m not ready to lose a friend over something as trivial as this, after all the world would be a dull place if we all enjoyed the same thing.
At the same time I didn’t feel that I should be silenced for sharing my enjoyment of something just because someone isn’t interested in it or doesn’t like it.

What can I do to try and calm this situation?

Hashtag the heck out of that

Hashtags aren’t just a great way to search for and find posts or media relating to your interest, it’s a great way to manage the posts you are exposed to. (at least on Twitter anyway which is where I tend to spread most of my Hamilffection)

I have probably gone overboard on the hashtags to be honest but they all reflected something I wanted to share that related to my day and my love of Hamilton.
#hamfan #ham4ham #hamilhometime (for my personal car ride karaoke on the way home) #hamilception #linception
You name it I could make a Hamilton or Lin related hashtag for it, so yeah definitely mute the heck out of them.

Include hashtags that you are intending on using to associate anything you post relating to your topic. It will allow others who are not interested to mute anything you post relating to it. Posts can be muted for a day, a week, a month or even forever.

Make the list

If you are the disgruntled party and are tired of hearing from an account or about a topic that really drives you batty, you may want to consider creating a Twitter list for people who post about the top in question.
That way you can control when you want to be exposed to these fanatics and choose if you are willing to see content relating to the offending topic.

Agree to disagree

If you are the offending poster, just be aware that you may be annoying the heck out of your followers and try to chill with the amount you are sharing on any given day/week.

If you are the offended party, let your friend know that they’re driving you nuts and ask if they can chill on the spamming. Try to work out something so you don’t get to the stage where you want to kill one another.
You may want to reconsider whether following each other on the offending social media platform is such a good idea.

Love is love is love

At the end of the day we love what we love, but we also love our friends, so try to consider their feelings if they ever express frustration at your sharing habits.

And for my long-suffering #Hamilhater friend, I still love you!