Whatever happened to those awful teen movies?

Whilst sitting watching “Not Another Teen Movie” I started thinking about all the movies it was making fun of.
As a teen in the 90’s, especially a female, the chances are you’ve seen a lot if not all of the movies being parodied. If you haven’t WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?
Stop what you’re doing and go grab a list and start watching.

After deciding that a Teen Movie Marathon, finishing up with NATM is simply the greatest idea i’ve had in a long time, my mate Lara and I started to wonder where all the awful Teen Movies had gone.

At first I suggested they had been replaced with the likes of High School the Musical, and Sisterhood of the travelling pants. However Lara pointed out that these are all about a decade old.

So where did they go?

When was the last time there was a smash-hit coming of age movie that helped teens on the fringe of cool kids club realise that it was Ok to be who you are?

IMDB to the rescue: The Ultimate Teen Movie list of the 2010s

Now top of the list is one of my favourites, Easy A, I mean who doesn’t want to be Emma Stone?

But that’s where the list stops being so awesome.

I liked Pitch Perfect, but I’m on the fence about it falling under the Teen Movie category, but I suppose that kids head to Uni when they are about 18 or 19 so still technically “Teens.”

The Bling Ring, Urgh. Not really a Teen Movie unless you want your kid to be inspired by thieves.

That’s about it, of the 15 on the list there’s only two I haven’t seen so can’t comment on but overall an underwhelming experience.

I feel sad that Moxie won’t really have the John Hughes style teenage life we hoped for, and I’m sure by the time she hits her teenage years movies like Can’t Hardly Wait, Jawbreaker, She’s All That and Varsity Blues just won’t age well.

WHat’s your favourite Teen Movie?

Has there been an incredible feel good teen movie in the last 5 years that I’ve missed?