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About Me

About Me

So this is where I tell you a bit more about me, my digital resume.

I’m an award winning massage therapist, clinic owner, educator and working mother, I also understand the unique pressures of running multiple small businesses whilst battling narcolepsy, anxiety and depression.

I’m passionate about advancing massage therapists’ careers, because it IS possible to build a lucrative and enjoyable massage business while delivering the finest treatments to¬†clients without selling your soul to MLM schemes or pushing pricey products.

My family comes first, and there are times where I really struggle to balance the amount of time I want to spend with my family, with taking care of everything that you need to do when you are the person in charge of two small businesses.

After receiving a BSc in Information Technology Cum Laude, and an AS in Computer Programming, I realised that 8 years in the IT Industry was more than enough. At the time, being in the IT world was an unforgiving and unrewarding career as a female. I wanted to be in charge, and that wasn’t going to happen. So a chance encounter with my tattoo artist, had us discussing the art of bartering, and what skills could I trade to survive post-apocalypse?

That’s when I decided that Massage Therapy would be my skill, and I began training under the magnificent Charles Watson at Advanced Massage Therapeutics.

Post graduation I passed both the NCBTMB National Exam and the MBLEx, before deciding it was time for my husband and I to return to the UK, and that’s when I made the big decision to leave my career in IT behind and open my massage clinic.

I screw up, A LOT. Most of the times my screw ups are minor and have simple work arounds. There have been one or two HUGE screw ups over the years that I work through emotionally and physically every day and I am determined to overcome the results of those mistakes.

I’m a perfectionist, but also someone who tends to get reclusive if things aren’t going the way I think they should. But that’s why I’ve started sharing my COMPLETE world with you.

Not just the nice warm fuzzy fluffy parts, but everything from the goofy and bizarre, to the emotional and difficult parts. After all these are all the components who make me who I am, and make my businesses what they are.

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